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Glasgow, United Kingdom

Instrumental music is at the core of worldly culture. Each region, country, continent, and hemisphere has its own sound. It is fascinating to delve into true instrumental music and derive emotion and imagery from its melodies and textures. ‘Skirmish’ from the Earthtones Trio is a contemporary chamber track that plays with fast melodies, snappy percussion and massive piano chords to deliver a sound that is caught up in its own inertia. It begins rolling slowly, a pace that is rapidly growing, expanding in every direction. Soon it envelops you, woodwinds and strings wrap around you, the piano is gaining and you can’t stop it. It's moving so fast that it can’t even stop itself. It is a majestic force of nature.

Written and arranged by Euan Stevenson, ‘Skirmish’ explores the landscape and history of his hometown of Falkirk. What imagery and history you glean from the intense music is all down to you. But know this. It will be impressive. It will be majestic. And it will be powerful!



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