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Edge of Paradise's 'Dark' rekindled my love for Metal

Edge of Paradise poised for their North American tour - The epitome of cinematic rock.
Edge of Paradise - The epitome of cinematic rock.

Los Angeles-based Edge of Paradise takes us on a perilous but awe-inspiring journey with their latest track, "Dark," blending the grandiosity of cinematic rock and the introspection of avant-garde.

I'll be honest—my love affair with metal had grown a bit stale over the years. But let me tell you, "Dark" by Edge of Paradise has rekindled that old flame. This track is my golden find of the week, and it's left me utterly spellbound. I have one word for "Dark" and that is - WOW. This is something else entirely. The track serves as a crucial part of their fourth studio album, "Hologram," and it's a staggering work of emotional depth and musical complexity.

"Dark" melds elements of avant-garde, dream pop, and heavy metal into a soundscape that is powerfully enigmatic. - And what is the driving force behind this amalgamation of genres, you might ask? Well, the answer is that it is the band's own evolution, their fight against their adversities within the music industry, and their unyielding spirit. It makes you wonder—what does it take to create music that doesn't just sound good but feels like a bolt of lightning to your core like this?

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Edge of Paradise poised for their North American tour - The epitome of cinematic rock.
Edge of Paradise - Live Promo Shot - Credit - Natalia Photography

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Through "Dark", Edge of Paradise takes you on an outward and inward journey as it spirals through time stamps, the hidden metronome keeps us grounded. The cinematic quality of the song is undeniable. The whole production feels as though it could easily be the background score for an epic saga that journeys through the complexities of the human soul. Is this the future of metal—more cinematic, more thematic, and more emotionally intricate? If it is, I'm in.

Now, let's talk about something exciting. There's a tour! In fact, they're on it..right..about...NOW. Edge of Paradise are on a North American tour with the Grammy-nominated power metal outfit DragonForce.

But let me leave you with this—how often do you encounter a piece of music that feels like a mirror reflecting your deepest fears and highest hopes? "Dark" does that and more -it's an emotional odyssey. So, are you brave enough to take this journey into the 'Dark'? I'm ready to go again!

Genre: Avant-Garde (Electronic), Epic, Anthemic, Melodic Metal, Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal

Mood: Atmospheric, Cinematic, Grandiose, Mystical, Energetic, Captivating

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