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Wild Night

California, United States

Smooth and wholesome is the feel of the day. Elena Shelton is adding to the vibe with spadefuls of opalescent harmonies and arpeggiated melodies which glide across the autumn air, vibrating with positivity. Her single, ‘Wild Night,’ is warm and uplifting. Tracing the vocal in the evening, like watching embers rise from a crackling fire, you are taken by the emotion, the push and pull of such a great voice. The two-part harmonies open up the chorus and the sound blooms. In the back, acoustic instrumentals pluck and shift to a soft percussive layer held up by well-rounded bass. It's a single that moves you with fine care and precision while making it look all too easy.

Elena Selton’s ‘Wild Night’ glows. It wraps you up with folk tones played to a contemporary composition of vocals, drums and humming bass. It's a sound that you become lost in, a labyrinth of tone and soul.



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