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Elinor Sitrish Delivers a Bold New Flavor of Indie with 'Just Like The Waves'

Elinor Sitrish performing on stage

Elinor Sitrish has delivered a bold new flavour of indie with her single, ‘Just Like The Waves.’ The song plays with cinematic scale and vocal presence to deliver a bold and colourful track that speaks to the core of you. It asks you to look inward and discover something new, something honest.

The beat builds around a climbing instrumental. All of the textures and tones melt into one. A sea of sound; waves lap at the vocal. They spring to life. There is so much dynamic style within them. They shift, they croon, they belt and they fly. Skimming the water with beautiful harmonies, Elinor Sitrish delivers us a chorus that will never be forgotten. The sea swells, the instrumental climbs. It hits a sea break. The foam renders the lyrics and the sound of the crash acts as percussion, a natural cymbal of epic proportions. When the wake settles, the shimmer dwells — the vocal is left standing, ready to do it all over again. ‘Just Like The Waves’ is as powerful as its name, and ten times as profound.



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