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Ellen Flowerhill Unveils "MY LOVE DIDN'T WANT ME" – A Mesmerising Electronic Rap Journey

This is a super unique track with a super catchy vibe about it. It progresses into a pop anthem that is full of catchy and speedy vocals. Brilliant

This May, Ellen Flowerhill presents "MY LOVE DIDN'T WANT ME," a captivating electronic rap banger. The release includes a single (10/5), remix EP (17/5), and music video (24/5). Flowerhill, a Stockholm-based artist, blends experimental sounds with hip-hop, creating music that explores emotional depth and human connections. Inspired by Benny Benassi, her fierce, catchy beats and personal lyrics shine through. The music video, a collaboration with Oscar Morris, features a surrealistic 2000s aesthetic, blending nostalgia with innovation. Experience Ellen’s unique artistic vision and immerse yourself in her emotive sonic landscape.

Genres: Rap, Dance

Mood: Quirky, Unique, Energetic



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