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Savannah, United States

Elliot Szabo hits chords and harmonies that ride emotional waves straight through you in his latest album, ‘Brave.’ It's a rock album born of funk, folk, Americana and classic rock and it oozes into the modern day with a warmth and style that is unparalleled. Elliot Szabo has a voice that cuts through cud, it shoots up into the clouds and grazes on sunbeams. Clear when it needs to be, adding a touch of grit when it doesn’t. It's mesmerising and invigorating to listen to the melodies swirl about the instrumental, always coming up trumps like your favourite superhero. When the album is said and done, you’re on cloud 9 and, looking at the day ahead, you feel unbeatable.

We begin with ‘Time of Your Life,’ a song that sets the mood for the album with perfect brevity. The sparkle on the open, the keys that saunter and the subtle bass in the back, soothe the day's worries away, scrubbing them off your back with funk tones set to a mellow beat. The vocal walks in from the rain, smiling. The happiness and hope rub off on you as they begin to sing an uplifting melody that captures the soul of the album. It's about the hope, the grace of being human and the willingness to live another day. To experience the ‘Time of Your Life.’

‘Holding on to You’ raises the tempo. It's a bigger song, full of heart and soul and it's a good time jive that can get you moving through the worst times. It blows up in the chorus with layers of vocals that explode with colour and ambience. ‘Brave’ hits us next. Acoustics rattling in the open and twining against one another. A slow siren in the back keeps the air clear. The vocal is close, personal and confiding. The lyrics are catching; they catch in your throat and in your heartbeats. It's an emotional song and it sounds splendid coming from the wonderful mind of Elliot Szabo.

‘Get Out’ grabs you with a catchy hook that will stick with you like tree sap. ‘The Train’ picks up the alt-rock of the 00s and gives it a new lick of paint. The rockier side of ‘Brave’ comes through here and it picks up as we go. It's a freshener, keeping the sound alive and is perfectly placed on the album. With songs that dwell on heavy emotions and bring to light stories of humanity, you need a song thrown in there that, on top of it all, is just a good time. The message is there, right in the core, swirling about the awesome rock. And that is the mastery of sound that Elliot Szabo brings to the table.

Without even touching on ‘Across a Crowded Room,’ ‘Saved,’ ‘The Ubiquitous Road Song,’ ‘Bring me Home’ and ‘Schizophrenic Jesus,’ ‘Brave’ is a belter of an album. With each song a poem, part of an anthology, that speaks to a different aspect of life today. It's honest, heartbreaking, uplifting and plentiful. A rock album that knows the truth: good music comes from the soul. Boy oh boy. What a ride…


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