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Embrace the Soulful Fusion: 'Speak For A Moment' by Matt DeAngelis – An Uplifting Blend of Blues

Matt DeAngelis is promoting positive vibes and stellar sounds with his latest single, ‘Speak For A Moment.’ It’s a song that takes that Matt DeAngelis sound and pushes it to the higher echelon of soul and blues; a poppy medley that cannot be ignored, a fireball of tone and emotion. The verses clash with colours pristine, the harmonies in the back supporting the growing melody. Once the tension has been built, it’s time for the chorus. It bounds in with pianos chiming, percussion bursting and good times glowing through those killer vocals. Here, they take on an almost Elton John quality, leaping up from ground level to touch sharp highs that cut through the tone like it’s made of butter. It’s smooth, stylish and full of inescapable passion.

‘Speak For A Moment’ adds fun to the already banging mix of Matt DeAngelis. The single feels light and fluffy and dances in the light it shares with the world. Sometimes you need a song to get your smile back, a song you can really lean on for support. ‘Speak For A Moment’ is that song. Golden, uplifting, and beautifully performed. If you get down to blues and jive with pop, you have to check this single out. Exemplary.



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