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Emma Hunter's 'Morire' Blends Rock and Soul to Create a Bomb of a Tune

Emma Hunter Morire cover art

Boy oh boy does that have some OOMPH! Emma Hunter has created a bomb of a tune with ‘Morire.’ The track takes rock feelings and pushes them through the curtain into soul. The instrumental moves to brass, strings and choirs over guitars, more guitars and bass. The vocal gets ready, and ready it shall need to be. The riff begins — the world slows down.

Emma Hunter has such control over her vocals. The verses are cool, smooth, collected. You can hear every word and you hang onto them for dear life. When the chorus comes around they blast off. The power rushes from the core of the song but Emma Hunter doesn’t waver, she controls the sound, the power. The performance is spellbinding. The instrumental swells: horns, harmonies, bass, guitar. All of them form a sonic space that sends shivers down your spine and beyond, into the earth beneath your feet. ‘Morire’ is a song that needed to be written and you can feel that. It feels right, purposeful, cathartic. Emma Hunter has done music a service. And for that, we salute you.

Also, did I mention it’s such a great tune? I think I did … just go listen to it, will you!



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