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EP REVIEW - CLOUD RAY - Urban City Elegance



Urban City Elegance

Old Bridge, United States

Credit - Trigger Jones of C.O.T. Collective

Up and coming Old bridge-based Rap/Pop artist #CloudRay released his awaited debut EP #UrbanCityElegance just a few days ago on the 19th of August. This EP is a collection of 5 tracks that showcase the artistic direction of this new artist in a way that is engaging and exciting. Taking influence from artists such as J-Cole, Black Eyed Peas, and Nicki Minaj to name a few, this EP promises to be one that cannot be overlooked. The EP opens with the track #Can'tBlameU - in this track you hear the futuristic influence of Nicki Minaj that is similar to that in #BeamMeUpScotty. There is both EDM and rap influences within this track that merge together to create something commercially attractive. This is a great opener. #LetMeGo takes more of a lean towards Rap in its early stages, the hook is catchy and the bars are hard. I love the dark EDM influence here it's similar to some of the work of Martin Garrix. These two opening tracks introduce listeners to the versatility and uniqueness of #CloudRay. Something that I love is artists who use their darkness in their musical expression and although the beats on this project pack a punch we also get to hear the more vulnerable side of the artist within his lyrics. #Take is a perfect example of this. - "Take, take what you want, just take, take what you want. There's nothing left for me to give you're standing in my way." The hook rests on a dark pop production whilst the vocals are inspired by rock - The verses take a turn into energetic rap - this is such a great track! #404UserNotFound has got that star quality - the rap verses are full of comedic value as well as darkness. The drops are on point showcasing the unique variety of pop and rap that #CloudRay has to give. I love the bars in this track - they've got me. Closing the project is the song #FeelGood and guess what?!.... the track is just that! A Calypso influence opens the track and glues the piece together throughout, the rap verses are perfect once again. One thing that stands out in this track is the way that it transitions between hip-hop and calypso to pure EDM without effort. I love this project and for a newcomer well, I wonder what is in store for #CloudRay in the near future! Definitely One 2 Watch!



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