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EP REVIEW - Meraki Trice - B1nary 111


Meraki Trice

B1nary 111

Detroit, MI, United States

#B1nary111 is the latest project by Detroit based artist #MerakiTrice. Containing 5 tracks, this EP offers a mix of influence from Acoustic to Art Pop to Soul and R&B and beyond, this project has something of interest for many. The common theme found within its words is Existentialism, something that interests me deeply! The meaning behind the word "Binary" to #MerakiTrice is "an exploration of queer love, desire, and longing, from the eyes of a bitter, green-eyed antagonist.". The project was created in a home studio and Discord Rooms. Involved in the production are live musicians, Priyanka Jain, an accomplished violinist, Veronica Head a Guitarist, Tommy Papi a Detroit-based rapper. With the consultation of RyJones a New York-based artist and Patrick Mitchell. The EP opens with a track called #Mr.j my initial thoughts were - could this be reference to Harley Quinn and Joker? So, I did my research to find out that this was the case! "I wrote this song because I feel it speaks to the fact that we are often attracted to the very things that have tormented us in the past.". This track is a highly haunting opening piece that is rooted in soul but scary at the same time! At under 1 minute long, this track acts as an introduction to the artistry of #MerakiTrice. #ToxicValues continues this haunting experimental production and vocal - the piece is very intriguing holding elements of trap drum loops, synth beats, heavy 808s and alternative R&B. Addressing the concept of being a side piece and wanting more attention from a partner is the main focus of this piece. #SasuNaru features #TommyPapi and marks the only collaborative piece on the EP. Making reference to Anime series #Naruto this track is highly interesting - the rap flows of #TommyPapi add something extra special to the track. #Collectivo is a whole vibe. Rooted in good old school soul, this piece showcases #MerakiTrice in a whole new light. Bringing the sassiness of jazz keys and merging them with soulful keys makes for the perfect collaboration here - the addition of strings add a bit of extra sexiness to the depth of the vocals. I love this track - it's very John Legend! #SneakAPeek is described by the artist as "a bitter plea for attention, love, and acknowledgment" with particular reference to male validation, within the LGBTQ community. This piece infuses offbeat soul with futuristic samples to offer something very uniquely crafted. The vocals here remind me of #Labrinth. The track brings the project to a close perfectly leaving listeners awaiting his next move. This whole project is completely unique to the artist. Together with his team he has created something completely authentic to himself.



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