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YUNGREX has recently released his 3 track EP titled 'Trust'. Immediately captivating the audience with its opening track of the same name we hear a slowed down sample from Marshmallow and Anne-Marie's banger 'Friends'. His lyrics describe his love for another person, late night thoughts and regret for the scars he's left them with. A confession is prevalent in this track which offers the listener something raw and real. Complimented by the slowness of the guitar loop it got us in our feels for sure.

The second track titled 'Trouble' gives us a similar vibe but with more synths and afro beats. Again, he expresses his desire for another woman who has 'a body of a Goddess'. YUNGREX clearly finds this woman attractive and wants her to know it! It's a chilled out track and we're really feeling it.

The final track 'Slow Down' opens once again with a guitar loop but this time integrates elements from both of the prior tracks to provide a merging theme. We really love how it has an emo rap vibe guitar loop that is complemented by the beats of Africa. It's a really interesting mix that really pays off. Again, this track is about a woman. Something tells us YUNGREX has the hots for someone bad. Lucky woman.

We really loved this collection of tracks, one thing we would say is that the vocals would benefit from being a bit louder in the mix so we can really hear the message behind the lyrics. Check it out!


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