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Eruption Artistique's 'So Strange' Unleashes a Fireball of Tone and Synth

Eruption Artistique’s latest single release, ‘So Strange,’ is a fireball of tone and complex layered synths which combine to create a dark and visceral track that bewilders from the very start. The lights in this song are golden. They swoop down to find the vocal amongst the static and they bring everything into focus. The bass rises up from the floor covered in grit and dropped notes. It becomes clear as the vocal walks, picking up melodies and harmonies as it goes. The chorus peaks its soft eyes over a wall at you as you watch, it’s hypnotic.

‘So Strange’ fills the world with colour and then slowly peels it away to reveal the darkness underneath. Eruption Artistique have found that balance between organic and synthetic and used it to create sounds that exist nowhere else. It’s vibrant, bold and full of insane ideas that should never work, but they do here, thanks to the magic of Eruption Artistique. Spellbinding.



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