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Evie Moran's Latest Single 'How Do You Like Me Now?' Takes Pop in a Punchy and Emotional Direction

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Moran is stepping into pop with a punchy and emotional single, ‘How Do You Like Me Now?’ The setting: It's brooding, dark. Synthetic tones shoot out musical beams of light, calling you closer. The beat begins to rise. The pop is there, but it's gloomy, covered. You catch glimpses of it through gaps in the wall. Then the vocals begin. They blow the illusion. Now you are focused on them. Cool, confident and full of soul, they careen the song this way and that. Bringing you full force into that open chorus. The groove sets in, the vocals chant ‘How Do You Like Me Now?,’ and the song is set to stick in your mind for days.

Pop has taken a turn for the timid recently. And I am so glad that indie pop has stayed true to the course.

Evie Moran is writing songs from the heart, songs with meaningful lyrics and melodies, songs that connect to you on that deeper level. ‘How Do You Like Me Now?’ is a powerhouse track that will change your outlook if you give yourself to it. Fantastic.



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