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Out Of Nowhere

Northport, United States

Credit - Daniel Ro

Make way for the newest release from New York pop-rock band Evil Sweet! This powerful duo consists of Scotty O’Brien-Curcie and Zachary Castro who stop at nothing to showcase their sound. Leaning into their alternative rock roots and experimenting with the realms of other genres is something that the group has flaunted to listeners through their latest single. The track marks the second single from their recently released EP 'Queen Victoria'.

The title of this song is 'Out of Nowhere' and it almost feels as though the group have actually soared out of nowhere with this superb production! - TAMARA JENNA

Upon clicking play on this song for the first time I instantly added it to my own personal playlist! The clarity of the opening acoustic guitar plucks is a tone that was sent from the Gods! As the piece develops listeners are brought into a dream pop phenomenon, something that always strums my strings! I found myself in love with this song really quickly but before I knew it I was taken into a whole pop-rock anthem. This is a track that you need to hear!!! In fact, why don't you click on the Spotify player below and listen to the whole EP? I can't wait to hear more from 'Evil Sweet' I think that they're going to blow!

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