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Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Credit - Mirjam Jørgensen

If you are into hauntingly beautiful tracks, Eyði Horsdal’s latest track ‘Overs’ is likely to be the way to go. Being the ideal chilled-out reading track, this simple calming release is perfect to keep you grounded and entertained while you focus. With a topic that seems to be almost the ending of a relationship being overlooked or experienced making this is an extremely intellectual piece while maintaining an easy-to-follow and enjoyable storytelling style. As we are taken through the steps of how a situation unfolds when things are not as they should be within a relationship, we are on the journey with the character.

Featuring simple guitars and gorgeous keyboards, along with a beautiful introduction of subtle female vocals part way through, and the raindrops bouncing off of a surface sound, this gorgeous piece is one that each time of listening to leaves you with something new to notice. The amazing calm vocals that carry this track offer an eerie and saddening feel when the lyrics are listened to and acknowledged, it is evident what this artist is trying to achieve. The emotions this amazing Faroese artist is able to convey with such little effort, but with such artistic vigour are honestly outstanding displaying the talent this artist has.

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