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Alexander Joseph

Firefly (Alternate Version)

United Kingdom

Alexander Joseph released Firefly on 1st April 2022. For those of you who missed it, we included 'Firefly' in our Top 10 Indie-Rock features at the start of the month. Originally the track was recorded as an atmospheric and uplifting dance track with DJ/Producer Rokuro but he decided to create something new with this alternative version, providing more attention to the relationship between the artist and his guitar. This track is about

finding our light during the darker moments in life. There's a real sense of addressing the darkness through the lyrics of this song. We all have our dark days, right? A great track with a hint of alt-pop. To hear 'Firefly' click the link below! Show Alexander some love.


Tamara Jenna spoke to Alexander Joseph to find out more!



When was the track released?

1st April 2022

Where are you based?

A town called Ashby De La Zouch in the midlands of the UK. I grew up around London where I still spend quite a bit of time too.

When creating the track who were your biggest artistic influences?

Probably a mixture of Coldplay and Kodaline – I love how these bands have used guitars to create both rhythm and melody on previous tracks. I also really connect with their ability to draw the listener into the story or message behind their songs.

What motivates you to create?

A variety of things - I’ve been inspired by all sorts of people and experiences over the years, which has led me to writing songs about becoming a father for the first time, my Polish grandmother who went through so much in World War 2, the sports and athletes I’ve worked with in my career as a coach, my faith which is my bedrock and the importance of togetherness in this wild ride of life. I’m motivated to put some positivity back into a world which can so easily sap it up and I’m committed to doing this by any means, of which music is one.

How do you develop your artistic skills?

Through a willingness to try new things, which can sometimes be a little uncomfortable! I’m very aware of the need to develop my vocal capabilities and several years ago I happened to be living above a vocal coach who specialised in opera. After a few technical sessions he not only got me singing in a style that was way out of my comfort zone, but it was in Italian too! I’ve also found writing songs with other people to be a great way of opening my mind to a different perspective/approach, which has pushed me to improve both the structure and lyrical depth of my songs.

What are your ultimate career goals?

To never forget why I started this musical journey and to genuinely connect with people along the way – oh and to feature at Glastonbury one day!

How do you collaborate with other artists?

On the two occasions I’ve collaborated with another artist it’s been through knowing them personally and feeling their vocals would be a great fit on a specific track. They can be heard on my tennis inspired song ‘A Racket In Hand’ (featuring Jordanne Whiley) and my uplifting pop rock single ‘Make a Stand’ (featuring Tashara Forrest).

How would you define your sound?

I guess it’s a blend of pop, rock and singer-songwriter vibes, with hints of Coldplay, Kodaline and Bastille! You may also get the occasional suggestion of Oasis in there too…

What are your future plans? What can we look forward to for the rest of 2022?

I’m set to release another single in the summer, which is likely to be a revamped acoustic version of one of the first songs I wrote called ‘Summertime Compass’. I’m also working on five new tracks with some good friends from a university formed covers band I used to play in, which will hopefully feature on my third EP to be released later this year.

Where can we find the track?

On all the usual online platforms and here’s a link that covers some of the main ones:


You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter @ajosephmusic and my website is

If you’d like to support my future music projects head over to to find out more!


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