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Amsterdam, Netherlands




AUXR is an artist from Amsterdam who has been making music for the last 15 years. This producer has been making dance floor-based music, but when the dance floors disappeared during the pandemic, the inspiration also disappeared and the artist had felt the need to produce music to calm himself in all the stress of the moment. During that creative period, he decided to produce 8 demos from which SUITE OF FLOW is the first release. 'SUITE OF FLOW' is a 3 track project that contains a lot of experimentalism. I was really intrigued to delve into each sound. So, let's read on and go through them!






'SUITE OF FLOW' is a 3track project by AUXR that entices the listener straight from the opening note. The opening track entitled 'Canada' offers a choppy synth that remains on loop throughout the first half of the piece to create familiarity and consistency to the listener as the remaining instrumentation weaves themselves throughout the mix. Of course, it makes appearances throughout the remainder of the piece as the main lift begins to drop. This is a very atmospheric track that is packed with emotion, cinematics, and suspense through the use of drum kits, bass, and melodic synths. I really enjoyed the ambiance and the cinematics that this piece has captured. Track 2 entitled 'Dope' is a track that is over 6 minutes in length. It opens with the beauty of bird tweets and dreamy trap soul vocal chops. Before we know where we are we find ourselves introduced to heavy rock-inspired drums to lift the mood of the track into something more cinematic. We also hear experimental classical-inspired strings change the whole feel of the piece. I really liked the way that AUXR merged so many different inspirations, feelings, and genres into this piece. I think that AUXR has a unique sound with a great skill for fusing familiarity of genres with something completely experimental. 'Enjoy the Sounds' is a piece that brings an element of darkness to the forefront of its expression. This is done through the dark pop key synths and vocal chops that are introduced to us in their beginnings. Again, we hear the classic reverbed drums and experimental samples that lift the music of AUXR to give them their unique experimental sound. Out of the three tracks on the project, I did find this one quite repetitive but I think that may have been the intention behind the piece. I think that AUXR provides something experimental that works well and I'm really intrigued to watch how their art progresses over time. I think that we will hear a lot more experimentalism that will create something genre-bending and industry-friendly. Click the link below to hear the 3 tracks of 'SUITE OF FLOW' for yourselves.



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