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Ben Pratt


Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom

The 5 track EP “Reflections” by Singer/Songwriter Ben Pratt is a testament to his songwriting prowess. Each song has their own story but comes together to form a much broader depiction of what love can look like. Ben is in his final year studying a song-writing degree at BIMM Birmingham. A passionate trombonist and singer-songwriter, Ben Pratt has performed as a soloist across the Midlands, as well as nationally alongside the RAF. Ben's influences lay within the pop and gospel genres but takes inspiration from across the industry from film and orchestral music to funk and jazz.

Opening with raw and haunting vocals the opening track gives us an acoustic and moving piano piece before we hear the harmonies that this artist has to give. Full of questions about a previous love, we become captured by the lyrics of this song. A true heartbreak acoustic track that really got me in my feelings in all of my own reflections. I instantly felt that this artist meant every word that he had to give. Track 2 'By My Side' brings the same acoustic feel in its piano-based lullaby. I really love artists who tap into a darker side of life and who embrace their true feelings. I get the impression that this artist means what he writes and I can feel the sincere feeling in his vocals. A choppy but happier tone joins the opening piano chord progression to give us a magical feel when accompanied by the strings that come into the mix. A short instrumental whisked me away before the emergence of harmonies swept me into a beautiful confession - "I need you by my side, will you never leave my side?". 'Ordinary People' gives us lyrics of realisation as the artist addresses his inner demons in suggesting that he's better off alone. This song is more stable than the others and holds one feel to it throughout its duration without risking losing the interest of the listener.

'I Wanna Know' is another track that assesses his demons but at the same time confesses how he feels about someone. This track is different from the others on this project for one key reason - its words are about the future, the prospect of finding someone, and all of the possibilities that come with that. This is a real contrast to the other tracks which discuss the loss. This is a real loss and love meets fear and hope confession in its rawest form. 'Out By The Water' continues to offer the listener hope through the prospect of "being out by the water" with someone.

This is one highly emotive, honest, and well-put-together EP. I'm really excited to hear more from this artist - maybe excited is the wrong word? I feel his pain, I feel understood in his lyrics. This is something rare, beautiful and most importantly, this is an artist whose words are real. In this track, we hear more emotion in his vocals as he sounds like he allowed himself to completely feel the emotion of his words. Ben Pratt is a real romantic who is in touch with his feelings, his demons, and the skills that those things bless him with. Ben Pratt - you are now my favorite songwriter. This EP tells the story of a man who isn't afraid of his own reflections.



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