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Boy Virgo

New Zealand

Credit - Sam Millen




Hyperpop and alt-pop artist Boy Virgo has released his debut EP entitled 'Villain' this month, in fact it was only just released yesterday! Teaming up with British alternative pop producer OLD PUP the pair have come together to create something extremely memorable for a debit project. The EP see’s Virgo take a dark hyperpop route with dance pop elements sprinkled with themes of rock/metal music to creates something extraordinary. Inspired by the sounds of artists such as 100 Gecs, SOPHIE and Poppy, this project is home to a variety of exploration in both genre and other influences. So let's get into the zone and take a journey through this sound shall we?




Opening the EP is the title track 'villain'. This is an extremely futuristic track that blends dreamy futristic synths with distant and relaxing vocal chops. Before we know it we're taken into a world of caos created by the most heavy 808s I've heard for a while. When combined with the drums of this piece it creates a sense of disturbance and unease before slowing down once again to give the track the same relaxed feel that it opened with. Speaking about the inspiration behind this intro production Boy Virgo stated “I’ve always been a huge pop music lover but I did grow up with a brother who was a metal head. Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Metallica were a few bands I became accustomed to. As I got older I found my own sort of love for metal music within artists like Poppy or that kind of alt pop that sounds like pop music but is very new and fresh. When me and Old Pup made the intro to Villain, it felt completely right. I listened and thought ‘this is it, this is literally the perfect intro track.’

The second single titled ‘xtc’ featuring Canadian-American singer ‘Baby Brat’. Is a distorted take on y2k hyperpop. The two were introduced through producer OLD PUP while producing singles for both artists. The contrast between Virgo’s vocals with the beautiful bubblegum pop lyrics of Baby Brat’s bring something unique and rememberable to this project.

Following ‘xtc' we're presented with ‘blood and guts’, not literally, it's the title of the track. This track addresses themes of love, toxicity within love and grief through romantic/sexual love. I love how this track continues the contrast between light and dark, good and evil, love and hate. The contrast appeals to several conflicting feelings that we all experience at some point during our lives. One this I would say is that the vocals in the hook would benefit from being louder in the mix, they seem slightly buried somewhere beneath the madness. Having said that the verses are perfectly mixed and easy to hear the message behind the track. I would have liked to have heard the lyrics of the hook more clearly during the first listen. Most listeners will hear a track once and decide in that moment whether or not it will stick in their minds. We want to be able to clearly hear the words because know that there's great power in them.

The penultimate track entitled ‘miel’ brings back the dreamy theme that was found in the intro track. We hear pain in his lyrics. “I was 19 when I lost my best friend, which was only 2 years ago. We were informed by the aritst that this was a contributing factor to inspire this project. Villain. A song that addresses the heartbreak and anger that we find ouurselves in when we go through grief.

The EP ends with ‘timesplitter’. This track is the most commercial track of the project through its tilt towards mainstream pop. This track doesn't lose the signature and unique sound of Boy Virgo though! When asked about the track the Boy Virgo made the following statement.

“The inspo for timesplitter is really cute. First of all the song title itself was inspired by a game I was obsessed with as a child respectfully called ‘timesplitter’. It’s pretty much about a guy that jumps through different timelines and like he does it to save his friends and a love interest I think. It’s been a while since I’ve played so I can’t remember the storyline too much but it really inspired me with the ideology of finding someone you love so much that it feels like you have not loved them your whole life, but more. It feels like there is no other form of existence without this person. I wrote the line ‘when the solar system dies, I will stand right

by your side’ and it’s probably the most beautiful line I’ve written. We could be dying or be dead but my love for you will go on through multiple timelines. It’s endless.”

This is a strong debut EP that captures themes of grief, anger and pain but also remembers the people and influences that lead to that narrative. Make sure that you click the link below to hear this 'Villain' now and get adding him to your playlists too!



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