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Caxiel - Out Of Time

Lima, Peru




Caxiel, an artist based in Lima, Peru has sent us his latest release entitled 'Out Of Time' to review this week. Caxiel is a musician/singer/Producer that studied his craft at Berklee college of music. As well as this he is a dancer who studied over at 1million dance studio in south Korea. Although he is a native of Peru, he makes it clear that he sings pop music in English to reach a wider audience. This artist is also on a mission to stay away from the stereotype of being a Latin artist, to avoid being boxed in.

'Out Of Time' is his fifth single and second song that he has mastered himself. When talking about the process Caxiel made the following statement: "This time around it was a painstaking process because of the rich synths that collided with each other and the vocals, I was trying to create an atmosphere that would be glued together by the end. This song is very personal to me, I wanted to use 80s synths for a long time and find a correct mood."




Out Of Time by Caxiel is the ultimate 80s inspired pop track that is FULL of heavy electronic synths and bass. Caxiel has a unique vocal style, I would say that it's reminiscent of funk and 80s pop mixed with soul. It's really refreshing to hear something different and unique. If you're a fan of 80s pop then this is your anthem for sure! It reminds me of the songs that you hear on mainstream radio when out on a late night drive in the early hours of the morning. I know that the artist has his doubts about his mixing abilities but this really is a well put together mix so he should be really proud of himself! In relation to lyrical content, this artist has poured out their feelings surrounding the anxiety of worries both in the past and the future. The concept of time is embedded in the philosophy of this artist and his mind along with overthinking. There's a sense of raw emotion found in the lyrics that show a state of pain and depression. In reference to the artwork, on the surface it may seem like a standard piece of graphics that highlights the electronic influence of the song. I see something deeper than that. Art is subjective right? So here's my perception. I see someone trying to hide from something, someone covering their face because they're anxious? Maybe this artist is trying to show what is behind the mask through this piece? The words are very philosophical after all. Of course, as always, this is my view and I'm not sure what the artwork means to the artist but I do know my perception as a listener, as a person and as a reviewer. Listening to this track without hearing the words would be a mistake and discredit the meaning of the track so make sure that when you click the link below that you listen and welcome this artist with open arms. I really enjoyed this piece and I'm sure you will too!



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