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FEATURED ARTIST *CITIZEN:KANE* - Familiar Voices Are Easier To Understand EP REVIEW


CITIZEN:KANE - Familiar Voices Are Easier To Understand

Lisboa, Portugal

Credit - Frutaria & Filhos

CITIZEN:KANE is a Lisbon based music producer, alias of Marco Guerra (Fungo label and artist collective co-founder) who's music has been released by several record labels. He sent us his latest EP release titled 'Familiar Voices Are Easier To Understand' for a review. This is a 4 X 4 electronic music release, that goes from Acid House to Deep House and Techno. The EP has had the support and feedback of several DJs, radio broadcasters and collectives. CITIZEN:KANE's throws itself into a pure 4 X 4 sound. This is a true credit to the art of experimentalism.

The track consists of 4 stories which I will now dig into.

1. Woman Staring At The Garden With Her Wine Glass Dropping Slowly - This track definitely lives up to its eerie name - opening with a haunting and uneasy tecno synth similar to those that you find in movies gives this track a cinematic feel. It's joined by a funky drum loop that completely confused me but in an intriging way. I was capavated by this track and despite there being no vocals present in this piece, I was completey sold the story from the title of the track. This is an eerie techno track that makes you question a lot of things in its production - this production has a lot of elements that on paper shouldn't fit together but somehow they do! This is an artist I'm enticed to find more about.

2. Familiar Voices Are Easier To Understand - This production opens with a bouncy bass which is shortly joined by percussion shakers, claps and a futuristic synth. A lot of the instruments come in on off beats to give it a similar feel to the opening track. It almost feels as though the track is a destined tune for an alien invasion - possibly one for a dramatic scene in a Sci-Fi movie?

3. Boy Has Dinner With His Friends And Goes Home To Giggle Some Black And White Movies - Opening with heavy reverb before the main beat, we're given another futuristic, techno based production. This one had me envisioning Mr Blobby - the trippy elements that are found in footage of the classic BBC children's show. I loved the way that windpipes made a guest appearance in this one because it really switched up the vibe. This production has a psychedelic madness about it which is something I love to hear in creativity as it gives a real element of freedom through its energy.

4. Trying To Get Something That Relates Procrastination With Nipponic Imaginarium

This track opens in distorted spoken word adding some vocals to the production for the first time! Distorted synths join in union with a classic house kick and percussion before being accompanied by the occasional horn sample. As the track develops we hear the introduction of more twangy and stretched out synths. A more dominant house kick joins in as the tempo increases.

This whole project seems absurd on the surface but I love that! It's a real wacky space trip which provides a cinematic experience. At this point I think I've grasped the narrative of the producer - The title being 'Familiar Voices Are Easier To Understand'. This artists' genius reminds me of a quote by Aristotle - "There was never a genius without a tincture of madness." I don't mean that as an insult - I come in peace *alien greeting*. I think this whole production has woken up one of my dormant personalities so I'll leave this review here!

Composition, production, mix: Marco Guerra

Artwork: Frutaria & Filhos

Mastering: Bruno Pereira


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