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Bundamba, Australia


Credit - Jacinta Goodsell




The new DAMIEN album, titled, 'Wrong Aged. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender.' is a collection of genre defining darkwave tracks that blend elements of industrial, rock, pop and metal. This album is the culmination of 12 months work from DAMIEN which includes the previously released singles, '2 Out Of 10', 'Human', 'Love Myself' and 'Melbourne Afternoon'. I was really intrigued to see where the different genres came into play in this project and so I decided to go through it track by track!





DAMIEN opens his latest 7 track project with the track '2 Out Of 10'. This is a high energy gritty electro-rock track that really gets into your head - A great start to the project! The lyrics are tantalizingly catchy - "I'm just a 2 Out Of 10 and I'm looking for a 9, be mine, be mine, be mine". Track 2 entitled 'Porn Star' enhances the dark feel of this project through introducing an electro experimental techno production whilst keeping to the gritty rock vocals. 'Melbourne Afternoon' takes an EVEN DARKER step into the depths of experimentalist craziness. The vocals are hauntingly great and although this genre of music isn't my favorite I really appreciate the talent and skill that has gone into this project. I like it. 'Body' is more towards my musical taste, combining the darkness and the bright. I love all the different elements that have gone into the production from the acoustic guitar to the haunting bass and the experimental synths. 'Human' brings bass to the front of its expression along with a heavy drum arrangement. The lyrics are very Maralyn Manson, haunting, dark and quite frankly, scary. I'm always down for scary! 'Love Myself' opens with a distorted guitar riff before bringing in a catchy honkey tonk sounding bassline that keeps the listener intrigued. Again, experimentalism at its best. The closing track named 'Dreamer' brings something more along the lines of indie rock through the simple electric guitar distortion and vocals. I really like the way that this track allows for a simplistic element to be brought into this project without losing it's grittiness. I was expecting a progression of experimental instrumentation in the mix but this didn't happen. I'm really glad that it was kept simple as it really worked and added something different. The harmonies in this piece are different and work really well. I really enjoyed this project! Make sure that you click the link below to have a listen for yourselves. I think you'd all love it as much as I did.



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