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FEATURED ARTIST *DJ Andy de Gage'* - Tokyo - EP REVIEW


DJ Andy de Gage' - Tokyo - EP REVIEW

Kassel, Germany

DJ Andy de Gage´ is a deejay and producer for melodic house and techno who resides and lives in Germany. The German producer releases his first EP that contains two tracks called 'Tokyo' and 'Shangai'. These two musical pieces will please lovers of progressive, melodic techno. 'Tokyo' EP by Andy de Gage is available worldwide via 'Sounds Of Krafted' & Beatport.

'Tokyo' opens with a two bars of kick drum before introducing a delayed clap into the mix. Shorty after we're presented with a melodic bassline we're teased with a minimal appearance of a synth. This beat is a slow burning progressive techno production. Hi hats come to join the party just at the right time to bring this track to the next level of its progression which works really well alongside the bass. We hear a deep house synth in the background which makes its way into the track like a light we appearing at the end of a tunnel. Slowly, the main synth makes its way into the mix in a really clever and creative way. The mixing technique allows for the listener to not only hear its introduction into the main body of the track but does so in a way that increases its volume in a slow and consistent way too. If I was to try to explain this in layman's terms I would use the following metaphor. Scrunch your hand into a fist then slowly open your fingers whilst watching the space between your thumb and the rest of your fingers as it opens. - That is how this sound makes use of the space as it opens up into the mix - it's very cleverly done. We're then given another synth that joins with all of the previous elements which has a spaced out sound to it. The X Files' opening theme song comes to mind. There are many many elements introduced throughout this piece which have been meticulously pieced together and mixed in a way that fills all sorts of frequencies. I couldn't keep count of how many layers and stems must have gone into the production of this piece, it's truly a skilful piece which must have taken a long time and a lot of effort to put together. After over six minutes, this track comes to the end and we're half way through this EP. Next we're given 'Shanghai' at over seven minutes long I was intrigued as to where the progression of this track would go. Opening with the same kick drum as 'Tokyo' we're given a familiar feel, the samples and VSTs used are the same as the last piece but we're given a synth that is higher in pitch but just as choppy. The feel of this piece is something that has me envisioning a night out in Ibiza. More delay is present in this piece with the introduction of horn synths and windpipes alongside a more traditional house piano synth. Suddenly this track sounds completely different to the track before it without losing the original opening that is present in both tracks. I don't know what frequencies were used in this track but it's really chilled me out. The track takes a slightly darker turn just after four minutes in before brining in the choppy synth once more. There's a melodic synth that rarely leaves the mix, I think that's what keeps the listener in a mindful and relaxed state. This is a project of much skill, many elements and a true testament to what progressive techno should sound like. I'm not a massive fan of techno but this project is one that I really enjoyed so thank you!


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