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FEATURED ARTIST *Greg Bounce* T 'Frango Magic' EP REVIEW



Greg Bounce

Lisbon, Portugal

Credit - Matilda Hill Jenkins




While paying a visit to Lisbon to find headspace during the lockdown-free weeks of 2020’s troubled days, Greg Bounce became so enamoured with the Portuguese capital that he has been based in the city ever since. The one-time Cocoa Futures’ frontman was soon motivated to start writing songs again, ones hugely influenced by Lisbon’s easy vibes and fantastic creative scene. Since decamping to Portugal, Greg has been introducing himself via a series of amiable, witty and frequently surreal Instagram snippets, revealing everything from his musical influences to his musings on strangely shaped fruit. So, for an insight into the mind of the man, begin here:

Whilst Greg is a major force on Europe’s electronic scene, it’s just the start for an artist whose new surroundings have stimulated a burst of prolific songwriting. Indeed, Greg is already planning a September return to Manchester’s Low Four Studios, to get down yet more material alongside his production team.




Greg Bounce sent us his new EP 'Frango Magic' to review so let's go. The EP opens with 'Fear that Love' a synth packed swirl of 80s pop meets indie rock. Smooth. I love the reverb on the guitar and the choppy bass. The vocals are soft but still have that indie rock feel to them. I would say that the track feels a slight bit too long at 4:10 long but it's still great! Track 2 entitled 'Can I now Feel' keeps to a similar feel but brings bell synths in at a faster pace along with a steady drum arrangement and a funky bassline. I love how the bassline weaves in and out of the mix. This track has more of a funk vibe to it and I'm really feeling the bassline along with the lead guitar riff. The 808s add something different to fill the spaces within the mix. This track has a lot more variation to it when compared to the track before. The lyrics and feel of the vocals are great! Track 3 'People in Their Houses' keeps to the feel of 'Can I now Feel' but completely drops the funk out of its arrangement. I like the bell synths that make a quick but dominant addition to the track. The layers are so smooth and add variation in tone. Again, the guitar solos are so cool, they're dreamy and come into the track at the right times. The fourth track entitled 'Graffiti' brings a new style to this dreamy project through the use of bell synths and chimes. This track reminds me of the meditation music that I listen to - it's dreamy and the frequencies reach your soul. Absent of lyrical content, we really get to hear the intricacy of the synths. Concluding the EP we're presented with 'Thank U'. This is a track that feels like a concluding track. It ends a story, a journey and the project. It's enchanting at the start through the phrase "say thank you" being repeated in almost a chant. This track is moving in the way that the instruments and the mixing technique lifts the mood through the use of violins and then brings us back down to the verses as they're weaned out. I really like this artist, he's cool.



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