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FEATURED ARTIST *Josh Savage* - Another Life - ALBUM REVIEW



Josh Savage - Another Life

Berlin, Germany




Following a blisteringly successful 12 months of single releases, extensive UK and EU Touring, viral TikToks, and now as a leading artist in the emerging NFT /Digital Collectible scene, Berlin-based UK songwriter Josh Savage proudly releases his new album ‘Another Life’ through his own ‘Savage Tribe Records’ label. Josh is known for playing over 700 shows across 4 continents and holding the record for most Sofar Sounds gigs worldwide at 100! WOW JUST WOW. His achievements do not stop there! He has accumulated over 7m Spotify streams, achieved domestic and international radio play, toured all over Germany with Kodaline, and also supported the likes of Jack Savoretti, Reverend & the Makers, Roll Deep, and Catfish & The Bottlemen, plus official showcases at SXSW, Texas, Canadian Music Week and the Alternative Escape, Brighton – all without representation; no manager, label or live agent. This is so impressive! I couldn't wait to get into the review!




So let's get into this review then shall we? Josh Savage's recent album release entitled 'Another Life' is an eight-track, indie-pop lovers' dream. The opening track entitled 'Young Fools' gives off a really nice sound through soft and smooth guitar chords that sit in between the beat of the drums. His vocal harmonies are mixed perfectly, his tone doesn't get lost in the mix but we do! This is a really laid-back pop track that I can imagine doing really well on mainstream radio! 'In Too Deep' introduces us to a sad feeling. This is evident in the plucked guitar loop in minor and the heavy reverb in the backing vocals. This is a track that takes you into your feelings as he addresses the nature of love and being "in too deep" - something highly relatable to all listeners. Track 3 entitled 'Compass in the Dark' is my favorite track on this project so far. Josh Savage is an artist who sits with his emotions and isn't afraid to express them in a raw and heartfelt way. This song really touched my soul. "Wishing on a shooting star to get to where you are, be my compass in the dark" is a hook that I'm sure has touched all of our thoughts at some point as we search for a connection. 'Someone to Miss' sticks to a similar theme but offers synths into the mix that add a really dreamy and mindful feel through its lo-fi sounds. This artist is truly inspirational. This track is a real confession of allowing someone to leave in the hope of them returning home. Questioning "how lucky am I to have someone to miss?" he makes the value and gratitude that he has for someone known. It's almost like he doesn't feel worthy enough to have them. 'Don't Mind The Rain' brings a more upbeat rhythm in its use of guitar and clicks on the offbeat. "I don't mind the rain, pouring down, I don't mind the rain it don't get me down" suggests that he is comfortable in his feelings, possibly he feels comfortable in his darkness? I know I've been there. 'Stay Away' offers us a piano progression that sounds upbeat but as we listen to the vocals we hear a real sadness in his words. "I'm not worthy of loving" and "I don't wanna let you down" shows the lack of confidence that he has in his ability to love or be enough for somebody. 'How Far I've Come' addresses his demons as he "couldn't see the forest for the trees". This song addresses his journey and growth out of the darkness. We love to hear when someone has left those broken pieces behind but take the lessons with them throughout their creative journey. It makes for an amazing songwriter. Ending the album we hear 'Imprint'. This is a song that discusses the imprinting concept - this being that someone has completely made a mark on your soul, created dreams of forever, and conjures up an admiration that you never knew was possible. This track is the confession that he can never make known outside of the song. The writing style of this track is similar to that of Ed Sheeran's earlier works but I actually think it's better in all aspects. This album is one of the most mindful and reflective pieces I've heard for a very long time. It is composed in a way that keeps us mindful and fully enticed by the words that make it. This is honestly a great album.


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