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Maëla Raoult - Avalon

Paris, France

Credit - Maëla Raoult




Born in Brest in 1990, Maëla first obtained her Musical School Diploma at the Music Academy of Brest in 2007 and then worked alongside Olivier Derbesse at the Jacques Ibert Conservatory (CMA19) in Paris. She graduated with distinction from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in 2014 (class of Ronald van Spaendonck). In parallel, she studied the bass clarinet at the CRR of Paris and also made several Master classes with French clarinetists such as Romain Guyot, Jacques Di Donato and Bruno Martinez. Passionate about chamber music, she plays in various formations at many events and festivals such as the following: Origami Festival (Beursschouwburg, Brussels), Courant d’air Festival (Brussels), Préludes à l’orchestre de Paris (salle Pleyel), Festival Les Harmonies (Billiers). After having done my research into this musician I was in awe of her achievements to date and the nature of her compositions. I had to find out more! Below you can read my review of her latest EP titled 'Avalon'.




Maëla Raoult's EP named 'Avalon' opens with the track 'Beautiful Love' - a track that hits you with a smooth jazz-inspired composition that whisks you into an interesting space when paired with the deepness of the clarinet instrumentalisation that accompanies it. I like the difference in octaves in this piece, they give several dimensions to the mix. 'Avalon' brings a similar vibe through the way that the instruments combine soft and harsh tones. The track progresses with a cacophonous feel through the staccato notation given by the brass instruments used in this production. Track 3 'Sing Sing Sing' brings the classic New-Orleans culture to our ears in this amazing interpretation. 'Have you Met Miss Jones' is a smooth swinging blues interpretation of the original popular song that was written for the musical comedy 'I'd Rather Be Right'. The music was written by Richard Rodgers and the lyrics by Lorenz Hart and published in 1937. This interpretation is completely instrumental and varies from the version found in artists such as Frank Sinatra whilst keeping to the overall energy that the previous versions have showcased. 'Oleo' offers a distinctive bass hook which is enhanced by the choppiness of the clarinet. Many scale transitions are found in this track that offers the rising and falling of its overall sound. The original composition of "Oleo" by Sonny Rollins, was written in 1954. Since then it has become a jazz standard and has been played by numerous jazz artists, including Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Bill Evans. Concluding this EP with 'The Blue Room' a really relaxing composition. "Blue Room" was originally a show tune from the 1926 Rodgers and Hart musical The Girl Friend, where it was introduced by Eva Puck and Sammy White. This musician is highly skillful in her craft, her experience and musical achievements reflect in her compositions. This artist offers something that I wouldn't usually listen to which has in turn resulted in me learning more musical knowledge! This an artist who deserves to be praised for her achievements, persistence, and skill. This is a great project that remains consistent throughout.



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