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FEATURED ARTIST *Michael Kiel Cash*

Updated: Jun 7, 2022



Michael Kiel Cash

New York City, United States

Credits - Cavatina Creative; Riso Chan; Paul Galbraigth




Currently based in NYC, folk singer-songwriter Michael Kiel Cash weaves tradition, authenticity, and decades of musical experience into his brand new, roots-inspired solo project. A professional musician for over 15 years, Cash has toured in over 20 countries, co-leading and backing numerous projects primarily as an upright bassist. Yet his most recent foray into writing and recording marks his first effort as an independent solo musician. Infusing themes of mythology, philosophy, and the esoteric with familiar images of the American landscape and way of life, Michael Kiel Cash has devised an entirely unique and entrancing approach to contemporary folk music.


Credits - Cavatina Creative; Riso Chan; Paul Galbraigth





'Shores Of Mercy' is a 12-track album by New York-based artist 'Michael Kiel'. The album opens with a track named 'Flood Of Springtime Dreams'. A track that offers a country-folk acoustic dream. The use of acoustic guitar layers in gorgeous swirls of thought-provoking picks that become accompanied by an accordion and strings. The story told in its lyrics offers something to ponder. 'Lying With My Baby' brings drums into the mix and offers a swirl of beautiful guitar progressions and harmonics as the artist sings wild and free with a female vocalist. The lyrics are easy going and easy to remember - all the indicators of a great track. 'Love's Arroyo' brings an intimate guitar solo to the front of its story for a short while before introducing vocals to the mix. This artist has a knack for true storytelling. 'Hoophead's Country Blues' is such a vibe! The accordion solos lift the piece into something that entices the listener in between vocals. This works really well here! 'Rattlebbox' takes a darker turn through moving bass-sounding instrumentation and scratchy backings on the left side of your speakers. I liked the mixing technique used here. As the track develops we hear moving string instrumentation in all areas of the mix to allow for a break in between words. The listener is therefore allowed to address their own interpretations without the need for words. The mix of male and female vocals in the verses provides the listener with something beautiful in tone and extremely moving. The harmonies here are perfect. 'Heart Of The Mountain' brings bell synths to the project and offers something more electronic to the album. I think that this works really well to break up the album whilst offering something different. As the begins to lift with the inclusion of a steady drum beat we hear the beautiful harmonies once again. 'Pinhole Pass' provides the listener with the ultimate campfire/road trip piece. The guitar and harmonica have been meticulously pieced together to create something that enhances the feel of the harmonies. 'Shores Of Mercy' continues with a similar theme and instrumentation but tells tale of the "edge of space and time" where "love knows no boundaries". This is such a heartwarming tale of lovers and friends alike. Moving into the next track of the album 'Winged Kiss' brings something more husky in vocal performance that is deeper in tone when compared to the previous pieces of the project. 'Winged Kiss' is highly reflective and questions the definition of "home". I think that this piece has something soothing and homely in feel but shows themes of being lost in its words. 'Muscadine Wine' has a happy go lucky charm in its notes through its folk inspired guitar plucks and harmonies, there is so much talent to be found in the words and instrumentation that this artist uses. The penultimate track entitled 'Hymn Of The Harvest' offers something completely new to the near end of this project. As suggested in the name, this track is a hymn. It offers the sounds of a mixed choir that weave their sound waves in a beautiful and awe inspiring way. I wasn't entirely sure where this piece fitted in with the rest of the album but I think that it worked really well as it offers something new from the artist. Ending the project is the track 'D&RGW Chili Line Blues'. Of course, this blues inspired track offers guitar twangs, harmonica solos and throbbing bass notes. I think that this works really well as an end track. A beautiful end to a beautiful project.



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