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Lil Left Foot Fresh

Los Angeles, United States

Neweye is an artist from Los Angeles who produces his beats and writes his own music. His album titled 'Lil Left Foot Fresh' is a 11-track journey of azz-Funk-Hip-Hop/Rap-Rock-Pop influence. Known for switching up his vocal style with many genre influences I was intrigued to hear this project. Opening the album with 'Once Upon a Time In Hollywood' we were whisked away to the land of dreams by its jazz influence. Track 2 titled ':Iteratuibw vs. Thought' opens with a short funk bassline before bringing a modern synth into play. There are several breakdowns to this track in the way that it switches styles. 'Psychedelic Sally Metric Modulation' makes way for Neweye's rap vocals to make an appearance on the album alongside a synth-wave beat. 'Quick Housekeeping' brings a big rap beat similar to what those of us are used to in the UK with a hint of Megan The Stallion's 'Body' in the early stage of the track. There are so many twists and turns to this artist which I'm down for including the introduction of vocals to this piece. 'So Fresh, So Clean' makes way for funky and soulful synth chops but doesn't last as long as the previous tracks. Halfway through the album, we hear 'Westwood Story' which is packed with a variety of vocals chops, drum beats, and melodic synths with a duration of less than a minute. 'Party On 4th Street' is packed with 80s-inspired synths and modern vocal autotune effects. This track is pretty psychedelic and chill in the way that it chops and turns. ': D T T W :' introduces a feminine vocal sound for the first time in this album in a pop/RnB way before we hear the vocals of the artist himself. Packed with soulful piano synths and vocal chops again before ending with a sprinkle of magic. 'Pacmayne' brings hip-hop drums to the table with 80s synths and twee samples - very fitting given the name of the track. Second, to last, we have 'The Spice'. This is a song that switches up again - here we have the ultimate jazzy, hip-hop, soul influence that was found in the work of the late Mac Miller. The final track of this album is titled 'RAW broken beatjazz funk poetry' which the continues the jaz vibe of 'The Spice' Overall, this project has a special type of diversity in it's lines, vocals and production. If you're looking for something genre bending that doesn't break then check it out using the link below. Neweye is certainly a creative and unique artist. Go check him out! When asked to provide a one or two-line personal quote he simply stated "More soon - stay tuned." we're waiting!



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