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FEATURED ARTIST - *Pulse Park - Phonac Music* ALBUM REVIEW


Pulse Park - Phonac Music

Montréal, Canada

Credit - Jacqueline Voßmann

Pulse Park has recently released their album titled 'Phonac Music' on April 16th through Shore Dive Records. We had a listen to this album and we would like to share it with you! Pulse Park consists of the following band members: Magnusson - guitar/voice, Frank Hagen - bass/guitar, Oliver Polastri - drums. The project opens with 'Antibody' a track that opens with emo-rock-inspired guitar energy. The vocals are a similar vibe to Alex Turner of The Arctic Monkeys. A hard-hitting drum brings the energy of the track to the next level and is integral to this piece. 'Sine Wave' brings the heavy rock energy to the album with a similar vocal style to the track before it. 'Icaric' changes the tone a little through a slower build-up of guitar before the drums which is then taken into a more of a heavy rock sound. There are several guitar riffs that break the track down into a heavier feel but the overall vibe of the track is high energy and skillful. The guitar in this piece particularly stands out in the tracks thus far. Track 4 'Strange Matter' maintains similar energy but with a more 'Beatles' sound in the vocals whilst still bringing a heavy rock feel to their artistic style. We're now halfway through the album at Track 5. Titled 'Apollonian Heart' there is a more dominant bassline present in this track alongside the main guitar and drum formation. 'Aspairt' takes us back to basics with a layering of the electric guitar accompanied by a guitar solo and heavy drums - This is a track that would get the heads banging at gigs (and in my office). 'Factory Fire' maintains similar energy that was brought in the track before it. Track 8 titled 'The Equidistance' opens with a white noise feedback sound that is reminiscent of live performances. This brings a realness to the production which we liked the rawness of. It also brings a classic rock and roll sound to the track. 'Realtime' is the penultimate track of the album and we're taken into the wavey sound which is found mainly in indie rock. We got a REM frontman John Michael Stipe vibe from the vocal performance in this one. To end the album we're given 'A Constant' - this track also has the dreamy vibe that was prominent in 'Realtime' and has a slow build-up before the vocals appear. To add to the dreamy feel of this track we're given a soft guitar solo which really allowed us to get lost in the dreaminess of the production. Absent of words towards the end of this album, we felt that this was a clever move that allowed the listener to hear the production elements of the instruments. This is a well-put-together project which gives credit to - Producer: Kurt Ebelhaeuser, Recording: Kurt Ebelhaeuser, Michel Wern, Mastering: Andi Jung. Overall, this album holds its own and the band clearly knows their sound. Click the below to hear it.



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