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Sharl - Games

Melbourne, Australia




Exhausted from mind games and bravado of dating? This bright, hyperpop track bursting with energy of Nintendo tones is perfect for you. Vent about it to friends, chill while gaming late at night or just bop along by yourself: the lyrics of Games speak your mind!

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Sharl is rapidly establishing herself as a force to watch in the world of Pop. An accomplished singer-songwriter, previously signed to a UK indie record label, Sharl makes an exciting re-debut in 2022 on her own terms as an independent artist.

Delighting listeners with a brand new sense of style, this year has seen a strong launch with four single releases already. Sharl's undeniable talent has been recognised through reaching the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition. With enthusiastic recognition from many independent blogs of her music to date, her upcoming album City Lights is a much anticipated release coming later this year.



Sharl's latest release entitled 'Games' open with slowness to it before bringing in energy that packs a punch. Playing games is the main concept of the lyrics and is supported by classic twee samples and backed by reggae beat which is a really interesting mix. This is a track that I can imagine doing well in the world of gamers maybe as a soundtrack for video games. This artist should definitely looking into sync licensing for gaming, I think it would get a lot of attention. This is a track that I wouldn't usually listen to but I appreciate the skills and effort behind the production. It has been well thought out and crafted in a way that emphasises the narrative of the artist. Questioning if anybody else is sick of playing games, the lyrics are relatable and human. All of the elements of the track are mixed well and gives several themes to the song without losing the words behind the vocals. Hyperpop synths bring a jolly feel to the song, the trap drum loops offer a lift to the vocals when accompanied with subtle 808s. The reggae beat continues to add to the jolly nature of the verses especially when accompanied by the the staccato claps that build up on the mix before the hook. Overall this production is mixed well, the components are balanced and effective. The lyrical content is good. I would suggest maybe bringing in more harmonies and backing vocals to really lift the vocals as the track develops in order to bring the vocal content up and down with the mix of the instrumental. It would really add to the depth of the track. We love the artwork, it's well designed to reach the intended audience and brings something fun and colourful that fits the narrative and energy of the song when looking at the overall project Well done! We can't wait to hear what is coming next from Sharl and wish her a successful journey in the music industry! To hear the track make sure that you click the link below and get adding it to your playlist if you're a fan of hyperpop and gaming! AND make sure that you carry on reading to hear more from Sharl in our interview where she discusses her influences, her music video and her next single release!





Your main sound is hyper pop. How did these influences come into play in your sound?

The whole album is very diverse in sound between songs, with the songwriting, vocals and themes being more what ties it together. For Games, I wanted to mix it up with something bright and fun to fit the mood and also to reference video games throughout. The sound for Games developed through exploring a few ideas with my producer (Daniel Bohen) and initially was a bit of surprise to me with so much going on, for example some reggae guitars in there among everything else! But I love how it turned out and am really glad to have experimented to get this sound. It led us to use similar ideas in inspiration for a couple of songs we have worked on since then.

What is the main goal for 'Games'? What would be the ultimate achievement?

As with all my music, my goal is pretty simple - for me to express myself through it, make tracks which I truly love and then for people to enjoy listening to it! I especially love hearing about people being able to relate to the lyrics and really connect to the song that way so that is the ultimate achievement for me. Obviously the bigger the audience, the better but I tend not to quantify that as a goal because I appreciate every single listener. I don't take it for granted when anyone chooses to listen to my music when there's so much out there to pick from.

What are your ultimate career goals overall?

I'd love for my music to have the opportunity to reach a wide global audience. Apart from having people listen to and love my music, I hope that I can bring joy to their lives as an artist and also inspire them to believe in themselves. On a personal level as an artist, I want to make great music, keep evolving and maintain a pure intrinsic motivation for my art.

Am I right in thinking that there's a music video on the way?

Yes! It's a very exciting project with several film and technology concepts being showcased. I never imagined that I would be able to make a music video like this, it's a creative dream come true for me. I don't want to spoil any more at this point though, all will be revealed soon! It's the mastermind of George Tsotsos, who also directed the video for "I Fell in Love". The "I Fell in Love" video has a completely different style but is a great visual expression of the music too. So I'm really looking forward to both of these music videos being released in the coming months.

When did you first realise that you had the potential to be an artist? Is there a memory that has stuck in your mind as the turning point for you?

I'm lucky to have been playing music for most of my life and had my first experience in the music industry years ago when I was signed to a UK indie label. But looking back, I was not totally comfortable in my role as an artist compared to just being someone who created music. I believe it was only last year where I finally felt a complete sense of connection to my music and knowing who I was as an artist. It feels amazing now having this certainty and peace with my music.

What are the main influences in your songwriting process?

The main influences are just my emotions, reflecting on things which have happened, and being in a flow state! Those tend to be how the ideas for my songs start. I usually make some voice notes, write lyrics down on paper or in my phone, and then take the ideas to the piano to complete the song.

How would you define your sound?

It’s pop, and mainly electropop. But beyond that, the sound is very diverse and always evolving! Rather than putting myself into specific sub-genres, I work with my producer to bring together different elements to create a sound that best captures the essence of each specific song and expresses the emotion in the best way. I hope people enjoy that range across my music as much as I do.

What are your future plans? What can we look forward to for the rest of 2022?

My next single, "3 Words" is coming out in May. It's the first of the few acoustic tracks from the album so I'm looking forward to hearing reactions to it as it's something new compared to the electropop so far.

Then there will be a couple more single releases ahead of the full album coming out in August. The album means so much to me on a personal level so I'm really excited to share it with the world, and the music videos will be great complements to the songs.

At the moment, I'm working on a few collaborations as well as new solo music so they will also be released in due course. It's been such a busy creative journey since I started work on the album last year, and I’m loving every moment!

Where can we find the track?

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