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Forest Knolls, United States






VALLEY GRL was born and raised in a small town in Northern California before leaving high school and home at the age of 16. She then moved to Florida, South Carolina, Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles. Although she had no professional training in music she said that she always knew it was something that she wanted to do. At the age of 22, she started making beats and writing songs in her mom's basement. Today, she has seen herself working alongside multi-grammy-winning producers and songwriters. Her latest EP entitled “YOU HAD TO BE THERE…” is very close to this artist's heart, where she opens up about her 9-year relationship ending as well as her struggles with depression and anxiety. Claiming that "This project is vulnerable, different, and unlike anything you've heard." I love when music has a deep meaning to an artist, I love to hear their stories especially when they resonate with my own experiences. We're all like that right? So, let's get into this project track by track then!




Opening this six-track project is 'SELF SABOTAGE. I have to admit that less than one track in and I am completely sold. This is a track that opens with an eerie opening loop sample before bringing in a pop-style piano synth to accompany the beautifully luscious vocals. As the track develops the vocal layers are tremendous and just keep getting better and better. Not even going to hide it, I'm a fan! Moving on to the second track, we find ourselves in a darker realm packed with 808 bass and truly dark lyricism. 'JEALOUS OF THE SUN' is a song that speaks a million words of a broken soul. Every word this artist sings hit a spot in my head, especially the lines - "dancing with the ghost inside my mind just waiting for the sun to come alive." and "I'm so jealous of the sun". Track 3 'SYKO' shows a different side to this artist whilst keeping to her darkness. The vocals sound slightly sweeter but her words are dark. I love it! 'Z3R0' continues to reflect the mindset of VALLEY GRL. This track takes the direction of emo-rap, pop and alternative R&B. Packed with dark vocal chops I fell in love with the sound of this artist even more! The penultimate track 'LOST IN MY HEAD' grabs listeners with its distinctive sad and emotional guitar loop. As the track develops we're taken towards more of a dance/pop theme. "Demons in my brain and they always tryna talk" stood out to me. To close the project we're handed 'END OF THE DAY' a happier vibe but with a hint of the dark still remains through deep bass and haunting vocal chops and synth samples. I love the ending but I didn't want this project to end! VALLEY GRL is an artist you NEED to get familiar with - I can't imagine her not making waves in the music scene but bringing a whole damn tsunami. On behalf of TJPL NEWS, I am absolutely blessed to have connected with this artist and I will be keeping an eye on her movements for sure! Make sure that you click the link below and show VALLEY GRL some love.



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