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#FERENISLES shares his demons in debut album




Montreal, Canada


Credit - Derek Vincent




Montreal Pop artist #FerenIsles released his debut album earlier this month. This 10-track project lasting just under 40 minutes in total addresses the themes of anxiety, repression, self-discovery, and intrinsic self-worth. Highly philosophical by nature, #FerenIsles perfectly expresses his feelings through the art that is his music. So, now that we know a tiny bit about #FerenIsles let's go through each track. The first track on #FacingUncertainty is the title track of the same title. This piece opens in strength! The catchy melodic electronic pop synth catches the attention of the listener before the vocals make an appearance. This is always a great start! The lyrics match the dark undertone that is found in the bottom layer of the mix to create something you can't help but pay attention to. #ItFindsMe has a distorted instrumental in a mix of distorted bass and wired experimental samples. The vocals however are crystal clear and beautiful. There is a lovely delayed key synth that creates a happier layer to the mix. #WipeMyMemoryClean is a song that moved me. The lyrics are very existential, packed with questions and a longing for growth. The vocal layers offer something futuristic and full in between the verses. The rawness of the lyrics hit hard. #DigMyHeels moves away from the alternative electro-pop feel and into a dark pop/Hip-Hop feel. The dark bass, trap drum loops, and melodic synths bridge the space between pop and hip-hop/Rock whilst holding the soft typically pop lyrical and vocal style. #Don'tMakeAnyWaves lifts the artists' creativity into a commercial pop production. I can imagine this piece doing well with fans of Billie Eilish purely based on its alternative approach and dark lyrics. #WaitingList presents something different in the form of vocals. The vocal register of #FerenIsles initially presents itself in a deep way that hasn't been heard thus far on the album. It's really refreshing to hear variation here in the verses. The vocals lift to a higher register in the hook, showcasing the different vocal styles that this artist has to offer. I definitely want to hear more range! #LetMeSleep delves into EDM with a classic 80 synthpop feel whilst sticking to an experimental twist.#WeTryAnyway hits hard without being harsh. A simple yet volumised synth combines itself with a subtle trap drum loop and electronic bass synths to house the vocals. I like the narrative of this piece. #WeTryAgain talks of love not fixing pain but that we try anyway. This is so relatable, honest, and real. #HadTheAnswers speaks of believing that someone had all the answers but that their advice doesn't quite seem to work because they are just not you because their demons are different and so is their destination. This song is highly reflective, existential and moving. Concluding the album is a track titled #Inseperable. In this track #FerenIsles pours his whole heart out - No thoughts or feelings spared. Overall, this is a solid debut album from #FerenIsles and I know that as he gets more comfortable in his artistic expression that he will shine! He's one to watch this year!



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