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Baby Me

Brighton, United Kingdom

Credit - Phoebe Wrapson

‘Baby Me’ is the latest release from Fifi C, a wondrous soul and pop artist from South East London. The tones and power that live within Fifi C come out in the music with a heartfelt edge that calls for attention and a passive melting force that oozes from the stellar vocals. Fifi C is setting themselves up to break it and make it big. What stands out is the personality. It isn’t lost in the vocal performance that many singers dream of being capable of, it's right there at the forefront of it, staring you in the face and asking if you will listen. And listen we shall Fifi C, if ‘Baby Me’ is anything to go by, there is a lot to look forward to.

The song opens with a solemn piano. Its texture is touching and it rolls into the song. The vocals begin to dance upon the melody the keys play, strings build up as the song progresses and it feels huge, operatic almost and Fifi C’s vocals keep up, if not ahead. The piano switches it up with stabs of chords in the second verse. Rather than add another element to drown out the tone, switch one up. It's a move that proves Fifi C is listening and has that musical ear that all the greats use to deliver some of the biggest bangers of their generation.

Don’t count days, count minutes; because it won’t be long at all until Fifi C drops a hit so heavy it leaves a mark everlasting. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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