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Frequency Overload Unleashes 'The Pain Factor': Metal Mastery Meets Raw Emotion!

Cover art for Frequency Overload's single 'The Pain Factor'
Cover art for Frequency Overload's single 'The Pain Factor'

From Tragedy to Triumph: Frequency Overload's Latest Single Dives Deep into the Heart of Darkness.

From the landscape of metal comes a band named Frequency Overload. Emerging from Rocky Point, United States, with a sound that defies categorization, their latest offering, "The Pain Factor", encapsulates their journey from raw emotion to anthemic metal brilliance. The band, comprised of Corey Schaefer on guitar, Kevin Daily behind the drums, Steve Little on bass, and the enigmatic Mr. Bush, known as the 'chokalist', arrive by force to take over the playlists of Metal lovers everywhere.

Drawing heavily from the spirit of the genre's pioneers, their unique blend of thrash, crossover metal, and rock, crafts an unabashedly heavy space. This quartet of musicians found each other in the digital ether, united by a shared vision of bringing genuine, instrument-driven metal back to the forefront.

I love the sounds of energetic guitar, especially when it comes in the form of metal. It thrashes but it also lifts some serious skills out of the mind and into the air. This is something that Frequency Overload has managed to finesse through the lens of "The Pain Factor".

"The Pain Factor" in its exploration of the psyche of self-harm, delves into the complex emotions and experiences that drive individuals to such extremes. It's emotional. It's a brave thing to come out and write about and most importantly, it has a strong message. The song was recorded under the watchful eye of Joey Z of Life of Agony fame, and comes as a highlight of their upcoming album "Fate Anthropic".

Genres: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Metal, Rock

Mood: Anthemic, Raw, Emotional, Powerful

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