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From 'The Voice Australia' to LGBTQ+ SUPERSTAR, PENELOPE is back with latest release 'BiConic'



Sydney, Australia

Credit - Andrew Ratter

From 'The Voice Australia' to LGBTQ+ SUPERSTAR, PENELOPE has not held back in making sure that she is seen as well as heard. Her latest release is entitled 'BiConic', a track that absolutely takes its spot firmly as a pop banger due to PENELOPE'S fierce vocal performance, super infectious melodies and lyrics that represent the Bi+ community.

Where do I start with 'BiConic'? The futuristic bubbles of the melodies? or the ultra-Eurovision style of the piece? Either way, this is a song that has a strength within its lyrics and catchiness within its execution. This is a great song from start to finish! The song has been written as a celebration and encouragement towards the Bi+ Community is something that we need to hear more of!

I can imagine this song will do extremely well in pop-themed clubs and LGBTQ+ settings and as the industry and the world begins to welcome love in all forms, I think that this song will do well in mainstream radio too! and if not, well shame on the world.

Bisexuality is not a holding space between straight and gay, it is a space all on its own. - PENELOPE

Did I mention that there's a remix of 'BiConic' on the horizon? Click the link below and follow 'PENELOPE' to be one of the first to hear it!


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