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#FUTUREANALOG sweeps us into #TheFuture




The Future

Gloucester, United Kingdom





Glocester-based artist #FUTUREANALOG released his latest album on 27th May. #TheFuture consists of 9 tracks that have a vibe for pretty much any lover of electronic music. Ranging from relaxing to super edgy through its use of dark pop, to EDM and beyond this is definitely a producer that you need to get familiar with. Opening the project is a track named #YourHeart - this is a bubbly techno track with a contagious bass that you will not be able to get enough of. The vocals are equally as infectious as the production and bring the track into the mainstream with its tantalising pop vibes! #OverAgain has a classic EDM vibe through its use of delayed 80s-style synths and reverbed drum beat elements. The track changes as the vocals are introduced to give the listener a first-class seat at the performance of the female vocalist. This chilled, hypnotic piece will take over your emotions in a heartbeat. #No-One has an edgy feel to it through the use of white noise and futuristic and robotic vocal samples. The bass synths create a trippy feel and the drums keep the track moving in a fast motion towards something full of energy and artificial in sound. I like the contrast that this piece brings to the table here. #YouKnow brings a full commercially viable pop theme to the album. This piece is stunning! The genius is found in its simplicity. The basic piano chords and layered simple female vocals are STUNNING. This is 100% my favorite song on the album so far. #OpenYourEyes brings all the Summer vibes with no holding back! Deep house/Trap Soul vocal samples bring the rhythm along with the drum loop, bubbly key synths, and R&B bass in a track that borders into Soulful R&B. I absolutely love this track and think that it is one of the stand-out pieces on the album for sure. If you're looking for an upbeat yet smooth track that is full of soul then this is the one for you. Definitely one for Summer Playlists too. #Feelings takes the listener back into the futuristic 80s synthwave vibes that were found earlier in this album. This is a great piece that provides the perfect addition to any club DJ's collection and to anyone who loves EDM. This is an album that seems to develop rapidly with each track providing a variety of commercial pieces that would suit clubs, parties, relaxation playlists, and beyond. I'm really impressed with the artistry of #FutureAnalogue. We're not at the end yet! phew. #FadeAway brings female vocals back into the protect in another futuristic analog-packed 80s synthwave meets techno production. I love it! The penultimate track #BreakingDown is a piece that quickly develops into a funky D&B-filled production that has a great mix of futurism and familiarity within it. There's an element of deep house vocals that blend with higher angelic vocals and even robotic vocals to provide a true party in the mind of its listeners. Concluding the album is a track named #SetYouFree. This is a piece that has a cinematic opening that will intrigue the listener into anticipating the next move. There's a real feel of synth rock here - Similar to the work of #Muse but with a more pop radio vibe. I love this ending to the project, it makes damn sure that you will return to the future projects of #FutureAnalog.



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