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GABDEZ - Ella Se Pone (radio Edit)


Ella Se Pone (radio Edit)

Milan/Rome/Cannes/Porto Cervo

House music is a varied and wild genre. A soundscape that spans the globe and picks up influences along the way, birthing sounds with brit-dark and afro-beat traits and more. ‘Ella Se Pone (Radio Edit)’ is a house track from DJ Gabdez that brings in a European influence. The track has that bouncing Eurobeat vibe that is bound to get absolutely everyone moving from start to finish. The tidbits of vocal are bright and cut through the warm house ooze like bright acid. It brings the song alive and gives it a whole other layer of musicality. But we know what we’re here for with house, it's the beat. Gabdez gives us a smashing one with ‘Ella Se Pone.’ It's deep, harsh, and warbles with the sub-bass creating a fast-paced track that pours energy into the room. House with vibes of Eurobeat and disco is never going to be a miss, proven here by Gabdez’s smash hit single.



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