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Gary Dranow Unleashes 'Ripping': The Rock Anthem That's Shattering Expectations!

Cover Art for 'Ripping': The cover art for Gary Dranow's album "Never Give Up" which features his single 'Ripping'
Cover Art for "Ripping": The cover art for Gary Dranow's album "Never Give Up" which features his single "Ripping"

Embark on a high-octane musical journey with Gary Dranow's latest track 'Ripping' – a testament to rock's timeless power and Dranow's boundless creativity.

‘Ripping’ is as ‘Ripping’ does. Gary Dranow’s latest track bids you hold onto your socks, it’s gonna be a rip-roaring ride. It’s rock, you know the Dranow name by now, and it’s damn good rock. You hit play and WHAM! It takes a breath and that’s all it needs, the song flies at you with a power that will never let up (except for a jazzy section near the end of the single which really caught my ear, nice stuff). The guitar on this track has turned it up a notch once again. How do you do that? Hell if I know, Gary Dranow never runs out of notches.

First that guitar, oh so sweet, oh so strong. It carves a riff out of mountain Olympus and the dust never falls. The shimmer on the strings, the speed of their sound, it’s intoxicating. The bass can’t help but get involved and once you’ve got a bass, the drums clap to action. This power three are insane enough. They bolt through the sky, clearing clouds with their great speed and setting the atmosphere on fire. They go supersonic. But if you thought that was the end of it you are horribly mistaken. The vocals. Whoosh! My oh my, they fly in on a dime and skim up faster than a bullet. Their power and their texture are golden, they hold their own amongst this incredible force of rock and they do it with style. They bend the sound, forcing it into a chorus and out the other side. The instrumental responds, sending out a face melter of a solo that has never felt so good.

Gary Dranow keeps on keeping on. ‘Ripping’ shows us that they’re not stopping anytime soon. The music coming out of this band is crisp, clear, and full of great ideas. It’s rock as rock is meant to be. Do you love rock? Exactly. So you’ll love this. If you don’t … try again. Flabbergasted.

Genre: Rock

Mood: Energetic, Powerful, Intense, Exhilarating

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