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Gary Pratt Rocks the Country Scene with 'Til Your Boots Are Dirty'

Gary Pratt performing with his Les Paul guitar, bringing his electrifying country-rock sound to life.

Gary Pratt is pushing into the country scene with tones of rock and feelings that roll. His song, ‘Til’ Your Boots Are Dirty,’ is powerful, hungry, and so rocking its irresistible.

The electric riff starts us off. Warm, gritty, with that Les Paul twang. It rides into the bluff with a clatter and a bang. The drums pick up, the bass too. Then the vocals saunter into the picture. Low, smooth, casual as the springtime air. They lull lyrics from the dirt and spread them before us, an uplifting and poetic collection of lines that dictate what it takes to be country. And take it from me; Gary Pratt would know. The song barrels on, adding layers of guitar and harmony in the vocals. The chorus two steps, the verses slow right down. It's country to the teeth and rock to the core.

‘Til’ Your Boots Are Dirty’ flows with that Americana style that all good country has. It grabs a hold of you, there’s no getting away from it. Gary Pratt is mastering the art of country music.



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