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GAVIN DOYLE lands a spot in our Ones2Watch! with 'Back From Blue'


Back From Blue

Dublin, Ireland

'Back from Blue' marks one piece of the puzzle for Dublin-based independent artist Gavin Doyle. The song offers a quarter of a collection of tracks offered by the star in his newly released EP, 'Treading Water'. The EP was formed during the artists' time in lockdown during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was at this time that Doyle decided to voice his feelings of isolation but also his hope for better things to come.

'Back from Blue' is the final song on this raw and honest EP. The beginning will open the heart of any listener through its folk story-telling technique and harmonious vocal layers. Two artists immediately came to mind whilst listening to this song - the first was Ed Sheeran due to the chord transitions and the second is Dermot Kennedy in storytelling abilities.

This is a song that I will listen to again and again - I've genuinely discovered an artist who moves my soul. This is a beautifully crafted, well-told story. - TAMARA JENNA

In fact, the whole EP is a masterpiece and I for one can't wait to watch this artist as he flourishes into all of the things he wishes to. I would 100% part with my money to purchase a copy of this project, so make sure you at least give it a listen by clicking the link below (it's free).

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