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Genre-Defying Magic: Wuzy Bambussy's 'Flux' with Kat Harrison Electrifies Indie Rock

‘Flux’ from Wuzy Bambussy with Kat Harrison is an electric indie rock track — but that’s not all. It takes that indie rock core and it slaps on some strings. It gets experimental in the bridge, it takes the tone down into a darker place and it works wonders in the thickening shadows, all without feeling gloomy or muddy.

‘Flux’ has a magical tone. Wuzy Bambussy is taking notes from jazz, melding them into experimental indie rock and pushing that combination a thousand years into the future. Synthetic beats fly beside organic percussion as the melody thrums from the guitars and the bass below. The harmonies are golden and the vocals rise to meet them. They push through purple clouds in the chorus, showing us the stars, but only in glimpses, just enough to keep us wanting more, before crashing back down into a whispered bridge. ‘Flux’ is a showcase of imagination and talent. It’s creative and wholly new and I am extremely excited to hear what comes next from Wuzy Bambussy.



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