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Georg Óskar is breaking into uncharted territory


Late Night Good Night

Oslo, Norway

Georg Óskar is breaking into uncharted territory. His latest single, ‘Late Night Good Night,’ is a synth fuelled psychedelic dream, full of dark secrets, chiding voices and bass lines that rumble in the gloom. It's a window into another time, perhaps even another world. You look upon the darkness, the features of the places and the people lit only by sporadic strobes and colourful neons. A thick oozing smoke hangs in the air and blazes when the light touches it. It is engulfing. The sounds that make up ‘Late Night Good Night’ create an image of a time to be, a retro-future of ecstasy.

The vocals are in your space, commanding. The percussion builds and switches. The textures twist and turn in the night, but what grabs you is the synth. Its cyclic and rampaging melody runs through the track and builds layer upon layer of tone. If Cyberpunk meets Arkham Horror, Georg Óskar has the sound for it.



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