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Athens, Greece

Credit - Paris Tavitian

The wonders of streaming music will never cease to amaze. You can travel the world in moments, explore cultures and past times, meet other people and live in their minds. ‘Bazaar’ is an instrumental track by Gerasimos Papadopoulos that features this sense of wonder. It is a sound straight from Europe, Greece to be exact. It lists on eclectic melodies that chant from strings and woodwinds. The percussion bounces and twists in ways unfamiliar. It surrounds you with aromatics, vistas and warm air. It's charming, and extremely well done. The textures are what enthral me. Instruments that are simply absent from contemporary pop and rock, they don’t live in the public eye and yet, they are beautiful.

It's rhythmic, upbeat, bright and comforting. Soul food for the muse. ‘Bazaar’ from Garasimos Papadopoulos is a window into a bazaar and its sounds; a magical journey through the medium of song; an example of the power of music.



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