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Gianfranco Pescetti's 'Stopless': A Cosmic Synth-Wave Journey that Dazzles with Pulsing Rhythms

Gianfranco Pescetti creates swirling whirlpools of galactic tone in their music. ‘Stopless’ is a single that takes that image to a new extreme. The flavour of the synth is punchy from the very start. They light up like fruity notes, casting bright colours across a sea of black. Pinks and yellows begin to swirl as the bass picks up. It rounds corners with its step and keeps the rest of the track on its toes. The melody line forms in the stars, constellations that sparkle to the rhythms of life. The sound is massive but not overwhelming — awe-inspiring.

Some electronic music follows the book too closely. The image is lost to repetition and the dance of music is lost to cleanliness. ‘Stopless’ may be synthetic but it still feels like music. Its melodies talk, its harmonies hum and its bass riles up emotion from deep within the track. Gianfranco Pescetti is a master of timing and pace. The track bows its head to passing stars, watching them go, it waits for the perfect moments to change itself into something new, something more. This is a pulsing indie synth-wave track, yes, but at its core is a soul more human and organic than any of us. ‘Stopless’ is a window into perfection. Staggering.



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