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Good God Father Unleashes Heavy Rock Brilliance with "Prince of the Air"

Good God Father’s single, ‘Prince of the Air,’ hits hard on all fronts. It's a punchy and dynamic rock tune that punches through the floor into the heavier ring of hell. Guitars grind like metal war gears, summing up riffs that give you goosebumps. The beat is thick, weighty, full of splendid rolls that add flavour to an already delicious track. Then the vocals jump in. The perfect blend of clean cut and scream your face off. Every word is heard and you hang on them, watching the bass fly by below, waiting for your moment to jump to safety, but it never comes.

‘Prince of the Air’ is epic. The sound space is gargantuan and the melody follows suit. The song shifts and spins, but the root of it all is a brilliant melody. It hooks you in the verse and carries you to that smashing chorus. Dark, heavy, rocking and oh-so brilliant.


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