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Grace & Moji: A Harmonic Balance at the "Tipping Point"

When two artists like Grace Hong and Martin Wave come together to form Grace & Moji, you know something truly special is about to unfold. Hailing from Los Angeles, the husband-wife duo offers an atmospheric exploration of relationships on the edge of transformation with their new single, "Tipping Point," released on September 14, 2023. The track showcases an evocative blend of indie folk-pop influences, and serves as a testament to their burgeoning recognition in the industry.

A Melting Pot of Talent and Vision

Grace, a New Yorker born to Korean immigrants, brings an array of skills to the table—from classical piano and voice to a career in business consulting. Martin, an award-winning music producer from Sweden, boasts a portfolio featuring collaborations with notable artists and compositions for films, video games, and global campaigns. Together, they explore the dynamics of love, creative expression, and healing through their music.

Grace & Moji
Grace & Moji

A Symphony of Emotions and Acoustic Resonance

The Nuanced Narrative of "Tipping Point"

This acoustic folk-pop anthem provides an intimate lens into the delicate moments that make or break a relationship. Accompanied by soft acoustic guitar picking, both artists narrate their shared experience, culminating in a powerful chorus that is an ode to resilience, unity, and hope. It’s a beautifully arranged piece, balancing Grace’s classical influences with Martin’s cinematic soundscapes.

Grace & Moji
Grace & Moji

Media Accolades

The industry is already buzzing about the pair. LA Weekly praises their "palpable chemistry," while Flaunt Magazine encourages listeners not to "miss out on the magic." Notion Online described one of their earlier works as "a deliriously happy slice of chamber pop," and these commendations strongly point to the duo’s unmistakable originality and emotional depth.

A Collaboration of Multifaceted Artists

Beyond music, Grace's eclectic career also includes business consulting in private equity, co-founding the creative community PARASOL, and serving on the Board of Directors for the non-profit, Save the Music. Martin’s expansive career in music production, composition, and instrumentation equally amplifies their combined ability to produce resonant and meaningful music.


Grace & Moji’s "Tipping Point" is an emotionally layered offering that shines a light on the complexities of love and relationships. With their synergistic talents and growing acclaim, this duo is rapidly becoming the one to watch in the indie pop universe.


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