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Grant Brown's 'Low': A Stellar Addition to the New Age Pop Scene

Cover Art for Grant Brown's single 'Low', sitting on a bed
Cover Art for Grant Brown's single 'Low'
Grant Brown's 'Low' - Where New Age Pop Meets Impeccable Harmony

‘Low’ from Grant Brown is a new age pop song that dips its toes into the same waters as John Mayer’s Sob Rock. There’s a fluidity to the sound, a roundness to the harmonies and the production that make it such a dream to listen to. There’s a bite to the chorus that flicks your mind, keeps you in it, makes sure you remember the beat, the flow. The song evolves as it plays — verse to chorus, a change in tone, some more percussion. Verse to second chorus to the bridge — more percussion, more flavour, more to listen to. Grant Brown’s vocals shine with body and texture. They fill the verses with lyrical rhythm and then bolster the chorus with a melody that is going to be a bugger to get out of my head, so I may as well keep it there.

Promo shot for Grant Brown's single 'Low', sitting on a bed
Promo shot for Grant Brown's single 'Low'

The instrumental choice on this single is modern, modern to a T, and that helps it in my opinion. The lyrics are honest, homely, they tell a story and they stick right by you. The harmonies and the chorus are the same; they know what the song needs and they get it done. They don’t add any unnecessary faff, they don’t muddy up the sound. They keep things simple. This modern sound through modern instrumental choices helps with that clean and crisp simplicity. We can focus more on the rhythms, the harmonies, and the vocal performance that steals the show.

Grant Brown’s ‘Low’ is a song from the root of new pop. It’s witty in places, it’s formed around an honest emotion, and it lays a heavy weight on harmony. With melodies that stick and section changes as smooth as silk, there’s nothing not to love. A tight and masterful indie pop offering that I would certainly chuck on your road-trip playlist. Stellar.

Genres: New Age Pop, Indie Pop

Moods: Dreamy, Harmonious, Modern, Captivating

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