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"Green Thai Tea" by Dice Martin: A Sonic Revolution Brewed in LA

Cover Art Showing Dice Martin
Cover Art Showing Dice Martin

Dice Martin Shakes Up the Music Scene with "Green Thai Tea"

I present you with an artist who defies the traditional boundaries of genre and production. From the creative hub of Los Angeles, an artist introduces the world to "Green Thai Tea". Who is this artist I hear you wonder - Dice Martin is the name. Unleashing a single that stands as a testament to innovation and sonic exploration, this self-produced, mixed, and mastered piece offers something seriously unique. Created from the comfort of his home studio, "Green Tai Tea" waits to be discovered and cherished on a global scale.

The journey of Dice Martin is one from producer to artist. Embarking on his musical journey as a producer, Dice Martin found his true calling in the midst of his college years. The realization struck and he realised that was not meant to remain behind the scenes but felt that he was poised to shine as an artist in his own right.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Tame Impala, Mr. Carmack, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, The Gorillaz, and Linkin Park, Dice crafts a sound that only a select few can do right.

"Green Thai Tea" speaks a narrative of growth, exploration, and the embracing of new cultures and experiences. The piece, inspired by his move to LA combined with the impact of beginning a life with his Vietnamese girlfriend, saw Dice Martin take inspiration to create a tale of Asian empowerment, love, and the cool, eclectic essence of LA and Asian culture.

There's more! This release is part of his debut mixtape 'Not 4 Long' which showcases his decade-plus-long journey in music, culminating in the reflective sound of Dice's artistic evolution.

Born from the sounds of a 7Leaves Green Thai Tea boba cup, every element of the track, from the snare to the ambient sounds, is crafted from the cup itself. This creative process is not only cool but also highlights Dice Martin's ability to see music in the mundane. It is here where the transforming of everyday objects into instruments of artistic expression shines. A really cool addition to the musical soundscape. Sitting on the song for months, contemplating the weight of its potential, Dice finally unveiled "Green Thai Tea," encapsulating his journey, fears, and triumphs.

In his own words, Dice Martin is poised to be "the next big genuine artist in hip-hop and rap," a bold claim backed by the sheer creativity and authenticity of his work. "Green Thai Tea" will blow your mind for sure!

Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap, Experimental, Electronic, Cultural Fusion, Asian Influence, Alternative Hip-Hop

Mood: Innovative, Empowering, Reflective, Eclectic, Uplifting, Creative, Groundbreaking, Vibrant

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