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Hannah Johnson Unveils 'Mine' - A Bold Fusion of Pop and Electric Guitar

Philadelphia's rising star, Hannah Johnson, drops her second single 'Mine,' blending vibrant electric guitar riffs with contemporary pop, marking her as a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

American singer-songwriter Hannah Johnson, originally from Dallas, TX, continues her musical journey with the release of her second single, "Mine." This release diverges from her debut "Slow Motion", by offering listeners a compelling blend of commercial pop with the exhilarating edge of '80s rock through its bold electric guitar and rhythmic drums.

The first thing to capture attention is the funky guitar but the second that the vocals come into play, everything changes. They take centre stage. They're unique. Pop infused. Fun. Enticing. I love this! There's so much to get lost in here. This is a great example of autotuned vocals used at their best! As we head closer towards the Summer months, I know this is going to be a hit amongst playlists! Why? well, because it's just so upbeat and different. It works within the realm of pop but it takes things to a bigger level. It has an air of 80s pop about it but it also has a modern mix of pop rock within it too.

Johnson's transition from Dallas to Philadelphia represents her evolving musical identity through her experiences. "Mine" showcases Hannah's versatility as an artist and her ability to craft songs that resonate universally. Her dedication to her music shines through every note, establishing her as a serious and focused artist within the independent music scene.

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With "Mine," Hannah Johnson cements her place in the contemporary pop landscape by signaling her deep love for the craft of songwriting and performance. This release, with its refreshing sonic experience and Hannah's earnest lyrical delivery, is guaranteed to captivate and energize listeners. As she continues to explore and define her musical voice, Johnson is undoubtedly an artist to watch, poised for greater achievements in the music industry.

Genres: Commercial Pop, Contemporary Pop, Pop, Dance

Mood: Refreshing, Bold, Exciting, Energetic

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