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Harmony Dreamers' 'Spinning Round the Sun' Radiates Warmth by Seamlessly Blending Synthetic Tones

Harmony Dreamers are creating a whirlwind of musical prose with their series of ‘Spinning round the Sun’ singles. Parts 1 and 2, called ‘Connected’ and ‘Loving the Sun’ respectively, are tracks of joy and warmth that bring together synthetic tones and musical ideas as well as classic guitar compositions. The core of the tracks lie in the guitar and its chords. In ‘Connected’ they play with subtle frills and the synth wraps around them, giving even more life to an already vibrant soundscape. In ‘Loving the Sun’ the guitar is the core, but the synths take over, you can hear it in the back and it works to create a huge sense of depth in the track. In both, the synths ply the melody from the guitar and use it to solidify those vocals. They shift and change, shine and reflect, shooting rays of light over walls and across the ceiling. What we are left with is a sound that breathes warmth into the very core of you. Harmony Dreamers are on to something here, and I for one, love it.



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